How We Do It


Following your initial interest enquiry, we will invite you and your child to attend a FREE Educational Assessment. This is a friendly and relaxed meeting, giving you the chance to see where we are and what we look like. It also gives us the opportunity to assess your child's needs and potential. Following the assessment, we will provide you with thorough, professional and honest feedback about what we have observed and discuss a plan to move forward.


If we are both in agreement that Kip McGrath can help your child, then we will design an individualised learning programme of study based on 80 minute sessions that include a full range of different challenges. Tuition is delivered in what we call ‘one-to-one, in a small group environment’ . This means there are up to 5 children in a session, however, every child receives 1-2-1 contact time and every child is following their own individualised programme of study.

We believe this offers the best learning environment possible for a number of reasons. Firstly, the centre environment offers you the peace of mind, of a secure trusted place of education. We are Ofsted registered, all our tutors are DBS checked and all must be qualified teachers, with relevant classroom experience. The centre is also designed to limit the distractions that are usually found within the familiarity of the home setting. In addition, the group environment is able to reduce the stress levels of the students by removing the intense one student, one tutor situation and allows the children to feel more relaxed, knowing they have peers around them. With reduced anxiety, children are far more receptive to learning. Finally, the group setting allows children to slowly build their confidence working alone, which in turn allows them to benefit from independency and self motivated learning, which is critical to the long term recall of the information taught. Furthermore, this teaches them longer term life skills, to enable them to thrive at secondary school and beyond.


Each student’s individual programme begins at an appropriate level (set by the earlier assessment), so that they are extended and challenged, but never overwhelmed. 


Classes are run after school on weekdays and on Saturday mornings and your child would need to attend one regular pre-arranged session, once a week. Sessions run on a weekly basis, and our term approximately follows that of Kent state schools.