The Education Place


We are also the home of specialist dyslexia tuition


At The Education Place, we offer sessions in school time, to support children with diagnosed or dyslexic tendencies.

Within each session, an individualised cumulative programme of study will be followed based on either the action points from a formal diagnosis or by our own screening programme (please note we are able to offer an informal screening assessment which can indicate traits of dyslexia or a formal diagnostic assessment – please contact the centre for further information and a price list).


Our staff are fully qualified teachers with specialised dyslexia training.

We aim to use a multi-sensory approach to learning, using visual, auditory and kinaesthetic activities to encourage and assist pupil’s learning. Each session is structured in a similar way so that children feel comfortable and confident, with an emphasis placed on ‘overlearning’ in order to consolidate learning. We believe strongly in positive reinforcement and offer clear, specific and realistic expectations so that our pupils feel success and are encouraged to ‘give things a go’.


Within our sessions, there is an opportunity for children to be taught and practice organisational skills. We aim to do this by encouraging children to file their own work accurately, discuss and devise timetables for coping with homework, finding ways to write out their own homework so that they can remember what to do. We find that this is especially beneficial for children coping with the transition from primary to secondary school which can be very daunting.

Weekly sessions, are 80 minutes and based on a ratio of one teacher to 2 children. Homework is set in order to consolidate the learning and oral feedback is given at the end of every session. We welcome the opportunity to liaise with schools in order support learning and to ensure that skills learned are transferred to the classroom. 


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